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Not every palm can be saved but its been my experience to catch it early and treat accordingly. Lucky for you if you already have an ISA certified arborist taking care of all your trees - prevention is key.

This is a common problem for most palms - Nutrient Deficiencies. Depending on where the palm nutrient deficiency shows up will determine what the palm needs. Having sufficient palm fertilizer and treatment program is vital in Florida. Depending on the type of palm, you may have to fertilize more frequently. Timing and quality of fertilizer is important especially due to current state restrictions.

Palm problems, like insect and disease, are also tied to the type of palm tree. So if you know your palm and the expected problems, you can be prepared and sign up to be on a preventative maintenance program.

It is so important to diagnose the insect or disease properly, to know how to treat the palm, and what products to use to prevent problems before its too late.

The two biggest pests in 2020 were: Palm Weevil and Lethal Bronzing.

Keeping trees healthy can save your tree by having them naturally keep their defenses higher when in great condition by having a program in place for treatments and fertilization.

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palm weevilExample of Palm Weevil

Palm Weevil

What can seem overnight are Palmetto Weevil insects eating the center core primary growth of your Canary Island Date palm or Bismack. You can only prevent or treat palm weevil early.

Start treating your larger palms once they get over 6 feet tall with an annual prevention program. 

lethal bronzingExample of Lethal Bronzing

Lethal Bronzing On The Rise!

Please be sure if you have one of the Phoenix sp. (Canary, Medjool or Sylvester) palms to protect and start treating your palm today.

Once your center growth of the palm is compromised, your palm will not come back. Most of the time, we cannot save a palm from LB. A quarterly program is ideal to prevent Lethal Bronzing.

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