What is included in a Tree Consultation?

Up to one hour of an in-person evaluation of your landscape and trees. Most people have me come out for their one tree, but we can discuss all the trees and the entire property together in our time together. With my background in horticulture and specialization in arboriculture, I can help solve whole site issues of the property when comes to soil, insects/disease, past, current and future impacts to the landscape/trees and recommendations to solve those issues. I call myself a two for one. And a consultation is a starting point to develop long-term relationships with my client. Forget a question in-person? Have a question in the future? Want a tree-check up later? No problem. We start with the initial tree consultation. Additional questions later are encouraged to help you manage your landscape building on the first in-person consultation. My hope is from our initial educational consultation experience, residents can make better choices for their trees knowing more about how they grow, expectations on their specific tree, and ways to care for them to reduce future risk. We can also prepare the tree for the future when comes to building a new home, pool, or patio to reduce stress, overall construction impact, and recovery time.

Cost is $150 for up to an hour with Jennifer on-site.

What is a Tree Checkup Visit?

Second visit or more in coming out to an existing client’s home to check on the current state of a tree previously examined. Typically, on an annual basis and no longer than 3 years visit to perform an in-person level tree assessment exam to update the tree’s health and recommendations. Just like an annual health exam with a doctor, we like to see trees every year for their annual health exam.

Cost is $100 for a re-visit to cover the cost of time to travel, gas/tolls, and time during the hour appointment. 

What is your background / qualifications?

Jennifer has an extensive background. Her formal degrees are in Environmental Horticulture (Landscape management) from the University of Florida (1999 & 2005) and she has 24 years of experience with the last 15 years in arboriculture or the study and management of trees in the environment. She is a past UF IFAS Extension Faculty Professor in Orange and Volusia Counties teaching gardening/horticulture to homeowners. Her tree experience started from being a sales arborist in Chicago to study trees in depth and learning about tree/plant health care programs. When returning to Florida in 2012, Jennifer became an independent consulting arborist to help bridge the gap in education to the public and its residents that Florida is lacking.

Do you offer any Virtual Consultations?

For horticulture questions and palm trees, a virtual consultation ($100) is ideal to get you the help you need quickly. There is a form online to fill out to accept terms of payment before our consultation appointment. Upload videos and/or pictures of your question. Then we schedule up to a 30-minute call to discuss diagnosis and recommendations. Larger trees like oaks are better evaluated in-person.

Do you normally do Tree Risk Assessments (Report)?

Yes, as a consulting independent ISA Certified Arborist, I collect on-site data and write tree risk reports regularly. We charge an additional cost ($150) for a risk assessment report on top of the Tree consultation ($150) appointment with our customers for the on-site evaluation of the tree/property.

Can you evaluate my neighbor’s tree? It’s a hazard and I am concerned it will fall on my house.

There are three levels or ways to evaluate a tree at risk. Level 1 is looking at the tree in person, by photo, or driving by. It is like asking a doctor if you look sick without testing to know why you are sick. A level 2 assessment involves examining the tree in-person and performing a tree decay test all the way around the tree trunk. It takes in consideration all the defects and notes the health of the roots, trunk and canopy structure close-up. A level 3 risk assessment is a more advanced evaluation with additional climbing in the tree and advanced tree decay testing.

For severity of risk, it’s better to have permission on your neighbor’s property to evaluate the tree risk at a more in-depth level (2) for decay testing at the trunk. A high-risk rating would occur with a level 2 or 3 than a 1 level assessment when don’t have access to the tree/property.

What is included with a Tree Risk Report?

Typically a report for one tree explaining the defects (problems) of the tree and the options (solutions) for reducing the risk of the tree. Since July 1, 2022, the state requires a tree risk report regardless of the tree is imposing a hazard to people or property. Reports are generally 5 pages long to include a picture, defects of each part of the tree, and mitigation option to reduce risk before ultimately there is no choice but to remove the tree. Trees are given a risk rating than a recommendation for removal. Risk ratings are either Low, Medium, High, and Very High-risk tree.

An immediate removal recommendation would be Very High-risk rating while a Low-risk rating would be a normal healthy tree. If even after the solutions were done and the tree remains a high risk or higher rating, then a removal would be recommended.

How do I make an appointment?

There are three ways to make an initial in-person appointment:

  1. On our website under our contact page.
  2. Call into our office (407-476-9444)
  3. Send us an email (Orlandotreeconsulting@gmail.com)

A virtual consultation appointment can be made from the home page of the website or also on the contact page.

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"Tree Doctor" Consulting fees are $150 for the hour on property to evaluate your tree and landscape.