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Hi, I'm Jenn, and I am a tree doctor, Independent ISA Certified Arborist and Horticulture Consultant
Serving The Greater Orlando, FL Area Since 2012

I was born in South Florida and started my horticulture career after college in Central Florida. I am a University of Florida graduate with a B.S. and M.S. in Environmental Horticulture (1999 & 2005). I always had the itch to move North to experience seasons. My love for trees began with moving to Chicago and becoming an arborist.

Since being in Chicago, I've traveled the world and spent every day since saving trees. Moving back to Florida in 2012, I brought the state-of-art and science of tree care common up north to Orlando. Many tree care companies in Florida focus on maintenance. Tree trimming and removals. They forget the key component of tree care which is tree assessment, inventory, and treatments. And many have never heard about the treatments and methods that are frequently practiced in larger (northern) cities.

In 2013, I was in a serious car accident and almost lost my leg. I was pregnant and had to have my baby early the same day. Several surgeries, 4 months later in a bed, and many more months of physical therapy to walk again, I learned to persevere and never give up. Same way I feel about trees.

I have enjoyed many great experiences working 20 years in the agriculture industry mostly with plants and trees in an urban setting. I value customer service and developing relationships with each customer long-term keeping in mind their individual needs and goals. We work together. It's not a one time visit.

My primary mission is to seek out amazing clients who want amazing results. Understanding that tree care is unique to each tree and environment. And know the value trees bring to the environment and their properties.

I am a passionate horticulturist & arborist that spent most of my career helping people with their plants/trees.

I also provide consulting services as an ISA certified Arborist & Horticulturist to private residents, HOA’s, tree companies, contractors, landscapers and commercial property owners.

My specialty is to save trees and perform tree assessments/reports, tree inventories, tree treatments and long-term planning.

I have transformed trees and can do the same for you. - Jenn

"I am honest and open with possibilities for final outcomes and expectations with what a tree can handle, and determine what is best for each person based on their goals. Often connecting my clients to the right Tree Company or connection they need.

Dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to be outstanding in my field."

Put Your Trees in Capable Hands

Call on a licensed, insured, and certified arborist for tree prevention services


"Tree Doctor" Consulting fees are $150 for the hour on property to evaluate your tree and landscape.